Angela Trolove has packed a magnetic alphabet in her luggage. She has wrapped for storage her deadweight etymology dictionaries A-M, N-Z. Her leap is taking her to the north of Italy, Lombardia, Piemonte, to study themes of belonging and provenance, for new work.

She has been practising with picture books, reading aloud what Italian literature has made it across the globe to the Dunedin and Nelson public libraries. Staggering through classi di conversazione with her latin elders. Whispering sweet errors in the ear of her companion. Rolling risotto in breadcrumb for suppli between this new Louis MacNeice discovery and that old grammar book. All this alongside barista work and and seasons in orchards.

Born 1989 in Oxford, North Canterbury, Angela bases herself in Dunedin. She developed a strong interest in poetry at the intersection of languages during three years working in Europe.

Her methods are various; collage, free prose (and that prose provokingly reassembled), and excavated formal meters from the 50s all feature.

Her work has appeared in Best New Zealand Poems with Victoria University Press,and  in Landfall. Also in online journals Blackmail Press and Oscen. Her poems have been published in newspapers and systematically exhibited (Winter Season, Summer Season of Verse) in cafés throughout the South Island with ninety days of fresh poems at a time.

Photo Angela Trolove 2